Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 09-Someone you didn't want to let go, but just drifted

Sorry for the delay, with the trip to Ft Sill, and life being a bit crazed since we've been home, this is the first chance I have had to get back to the challenge.

I can think of a few people in my life that have drifted further than I would like.  My friend Nicole lives farther than I care to think about and is now married and I wasn't able to be at her wedding.  My friend Brook is only a few hours away, but we hardly talk anymore because our schedules are just so off every time we try to meet up.  My friends Azia and Kelly from the shore when I grew up I have nearly lost touch with except for the Facebook statuses I read, and I think of other friends from my teen years that I would love to reconnect with and names fly through my head, but there is one that really stands out.  Matt.

Matt and I were the best of friends, we were nearly inseparable, except for the fact that we went to different schools.  We met in middle school at church.  A bit ironic considering Matt didn't care much for church or anything relating to it, but I digress.  We hit it off immediately.  He actually started dating one of my still best friends, Khrys.  I was the go between, that's how we became such fast friends.

From the beginning he would let me do almost anything to him.  I've died his hair, painted his nails, given him a facial.  I even have pictures when he let me put curlers in.  He was like the best girlfriend, in male form.  We spent the night at each others houses, and neither of our parents cared because it was purely platonic, and neither of us saw the other like that, yet we were both VERY protective when one was in a relationship.  We never thought anyone was good enough for the other person. 

That inevitability is what led to the demise of our relationship over 8 years later.  During our senior year I introduced him to a friend from school named Heidi.  At some point they started dating, but didn't tell me, I' sure for the above reason.  I was upset by the betrayal, but also because I didn't think she was good enough for him.  He thought differently, and soon chose Heidi over me.  I found out after graduation that he had proposed and they were getting married.  

The Matt I knew was totally opposed to marriage, so I was baffled.  The last I heard they were married.  I found her on Facebook and sent a friend request, with no reply, but I have been unsuccessful in finding him.  I would love to make amends and know how he is doing and let bygones be bygones and see my old friend.  Who knows, maybe someday our paths will once again cross in this huge world that is often so very small.

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  1. Aww i remember him...and our go between bc i was pathetically painfully shy lol...