Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 05-Something you hope to do in your life

I can tell you that the 2 things I wanted most out of life from the time I can remember were to be a mother an a wife.  Now that I am both of those things I want to be the best mother and wife I can be.  I can tell you that is no small task, and each day I find myself wondering how wives and mothers of the world have done things so flawlessly for so long, or seemingly so, because it seems to be a comedy of errors for me more often than not.  So it will always be my biggest hope that I can be the best wife and mother that I can be, however, I think this question is asking about something that I have not yet even somewhat accomplished.

In that case, I want to go back to school.  I don't know what for and that is only part of why I haven't gone back yet.  Finances have also been an issue, but being a military wife opens up a whole new set of opportunities to help with the financial side of advanced schooling, so I no longer have that "excuse" to fall back on.

Now comes the hard part.  I have to figure out what I want to "do" with the rest of my life.  As I said, being the best wife and mother will always come first in my life, so I want something that will give me a work life balance.  I don't want my career to take up my entire life but I still want it to be fulfilling to me as an individual. 

There are also things I want to have that I don't have now.  I know I won't be able to have them all, but most, or some would be great.

I know from prior experience some things that I do like, and some that I don't, but I am not able to pin point any one thing that is peaking my interest enough to peruse at the moment.  I'll give you an idea of my likes and dislikes and if anyone has any ideas, feel free to blurt them out, I' all ears..err well eyes :-)

-Helping people
-Medical (that's where most of my experience lies)
-Mental Health
-Babies, Children and Geriatric (older adults)
-People I can have relationships with inside and outside of the office (or work setting)
-Being consistently busy, but not to the point of over worked  

-Insurance (done it)
-Dental (tried school for go)
-Being stuck to a headset all matter how many people I'm helping
-Spelling (even spell check doesn't know what I mean sometimes...don't lie you've seen the mistakes!)
-Mean/controlling people
-Understaffed/over worked

-Something I am going to enjoy for years to come
-Schedule flexibility
    -For school/sport functions/appointments
    -To try to conform to Curt's schedule if possible (and Gunnar's)
    -No weekends
    -In my ideal world/job only during school hours
-Work/Life balance
    -Work at work/home at home (mostly)
    -Yes I realize I am a walking contradictory!
-Decent, preferably good pay
-Something I can do in different states with little effort, as we will be moving often
-Something in demand, so I am not constantly jobless, or job hunting

As you can see I have a lot of wants, but not much else to go on.  I know that there is really no such thing as the perfect job.  I know that all of my wants are not going to be met, but I am putting it out there.  This is about the truth, I am just being honest.  In my perfect world I would be able to work at something I enjoy, while taking Gunnar to school, picking him up and being able to be at most school functions and after school activities.  I would be able to take extended leaves as needed for R & R if Curt is home from a deployment or for whatever else the Army may throw at us in the next 20+ years.  I want something I am going to be good at and something I enjoy. 

I don't know what this is, I don't know what it's going to be, but I am fully aware that not all of my needs and/or wants are going to be met.  what I can tell you is that my career will never come before my family.  It is not in my nature.  I will always strive to be the best wife and mom before I will strive to be the best employee, that does not mean that what I do will not be important to me, it only means that in life somethings are more important than work.

I feel like I am all over the place in my last few posts, my focus is really on seeing Curt and so many things we have going on in our life right now, so if this is all over the place, I'm sorry.  If you have any ideas about what kind of school would be good, leave me a comment, I'd love to hear what you guys have to say!

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