Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jenni's Army Wife Lessons

These are in no particular order, just some things I have learned since joining the ranks of the Army Wives:

  • Family first, and family no longer means just those who share your name or your blood
  • Distance really does make the heart grow fonder
  • It's okay to pray a little more selfishly now, 30 seconds is just not enough, go for at least 5 minutes
  • Your phone will remain permanently attached to you when your spouse is away, and yes that means in the bathroom too!
  • Sleep  is a thing of the past, you can't even dream about it, because dreaming requires sleeping
  • The mailman will either be your best friend or your worst enemy, it just depends on the day
  • Take the time to write a letter, even after BCT.  It will mean the world to someone you love
  • Send a card just because...getting mail brings a smile to peoples faces
  • Only travel in sneakers, heels are much too painful, your friend(s) will understand and so will your spouse
  • A direct flight, or one where you do NOT have to change planes is worth the extra $$
  • Clicking your heels twice when you reach Kansas does not get you anywhere any faster...ruby slippers or no ruby slippers, believe me when I say I've tried
  • Always carry some cash when you travel, you never know when a toll road will lead to your final destination...Thank you Lt Col, I will be forever grateful for this advice
  • Even snow, ice and 6 degrees is not as bad as you think when it means you get to see the 2 loves of your life in 1 place after an extended period of time...throw in a best friend and you barely even notice the frigidness
  • GPS's and Post's don't communicate well (if at all)..a word to the new Army Wife
  • Asking questions will save a lot of time...and probably a lot of searching
  • Resist the urge to salute every person you see in a WILL look like a fool if you do this (no I didn't do it, but I did have the urge quite often...shh don't tell)
  • Remember the US Army sicker on your back windshield next time (every time) you feel your road rage coming on.  You now represent the US Army as well...
  • Another reminder, EVERYTHING you do reflects on your spouse.  Think before you speak and/or act
  • Learn Army "speak" it will make you life much easier, and communication with the world you are becoming part of easier to, just my opinion
  • If the Army says to be somewhere at 2100, that really means 2030
  • The Army is never wrong, even when the Army is wrong
  • Be prepared to "Hurry up and wait" it is going to be a large part of your life for the next x amount of years
  • The only thing consistent about the Army is change, you can get used to it now, but it's just going to change
  • I am convinced the definition of organized chaos was deemed by the Army, or at minimum the military
  • Love like you have never loved before, you may not have tomorrow to do it again
  • You can be independent and still ask for help
  • Never refuse someones offer to help, and always offer your help when you can
  • Always have your camera..and extra batteries
  • Take tons of pictures
  • Stop saying "goodbye" and learn to say "I'll see you soon"
  • Sometimes it's okay to cry a little, it doesn't make you weak, it makes you human
  • Don't forget to enjoy the little things in the chaos of this new life, take time to be with your spouse and child(ren), the computer, cleaning, errands, can all wait another hour while you spend quality time talking, reading, cooking, whatever makes you happy
  • Sit down for your meals, even if you are not hungry, take that time to talk about the day
  • A George Foreman grill with the removable, dishwasher safe grill plates is a MUST for those of us (that would be me!!) who refuse to touch a propane grill with a 10 foot pole for fear of setting off a ticking time bomb...YES, I AM a wimp at heart
  • There is a time to be neurotic, and a time to just go with it and enjoy the little time you have with the ones you love, the sooner you figure out which time is which, the sooner you will adjust and enjoy this life we lead

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