Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 02-Something you love about yourself

Okay, so we are on to day 2 of the challenge.  Something I love about myself.  I knew this was going to be tough.  I can rattle off a thousand things I love about my life, my family, my friends...but myself...that's a whole different ball game my friends.  

I really had to ponder this one before I sat down to write this, and here's what I came up with.  I love my ability to love.

I put all of me into my family and friends.  My love is unconditional, it comes without warnings, without cautions, without bearings and it is given in leaps and bounds.  I, more often than not, give more of myself than I actually have when doling out love.

This has caused a lot of heartache in my life, but I still continue to love unconditionally and to be honest even through the hurt, I wouldn't change it.  I have learned a lot from the ones who have hurt me, but even more from those who haven't.

I am learning to be more careful with my unconditional love.  I am learning that just because I have unconditional love doesn't mean everyone I encounter deserves that amount of love from me.  I am learning to gauge who is worthy of this gift of unconditional love, and who needs to have some restrictions.  I am learning that not all love has to be unconditional.  I am also learning that I do not have to love everyone I associate with.  I can like someone without loving them.  It took me nearly 30 years to come to this conclusion.  I understand that most people understand this from childhood or at the very least adolescence, but it took me much longer to differentiate the two.

That being said, I love that I love the way I do, but I want to make sure that I am giving that love to the people that are currently and will in the future, treat that love with love in return.  Not as in the past, where I pasted it out like candy on Halloween.  

There is your truth, love is special and I intend to start being more aware of who I give my love to and how it is received.

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