Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Yesterday was a lot of things for me.  It was my 7 year wedding anniversary to the most amazing husband I could ever ask for.  It was also the first of those anniversaries we have ever spent apart.  It would never be my first choice to spend that special day away from my husband, but yesterday instead of cursing the fact that we were apart I was singing praises because I was able to hear his voice.  He's in AIT now and things are a bit more lenient.  If he had still been in BCT I would not have been blessed with the sound of his voice shortly after I awoke wishing me a Happy Anniversary and telling me how much he loves me and how proud he is of me.

You might wonder why he was telling me he was proud of me...he's the one doing all the hard work.  All the training for war and he's the one serving our country, yet he's proud of me?  Yesterday I had to take Gunnar for a series of complex medical testing.  He was a brave little guy and I put on my bravest mommy face and didn't shed a tear no matter how many needles went into my little man over then next several hours.  Right now we don't have any answers, just a lot of questions.  I can tell you, having Curt's voice resonate in my head helped me through.

Yesterday may not have been perfect by anyones standards, but we made it through together.  It may not have been the worst we will deal with and it surly was not the best, but we managed.  Distance has nothing on our ability to make it through whatever life is going to throw at us.  I know that now.  

I'm getting me back..no, that's not exactly right.  I'm figuring out who I  am.  I am a strong woman who can do many more things than I ever imagined if I set my mind to it.  I can be me and still be a good wife and mother.  Supportive to my husband and son without losing myself, instead I am GAINING myself in the process.

Who knew the best part of me would come out when I would have to deal with the most difficult decision we ever made....to see if we could survive apart.  Yet our marriage is thriving, we appreciate each other more now than ever before, we have a deeper love, a stronger bond, and greater respect for one another.  Who knew?

Yesterday may not have been a perfect day, but everyday is still a blessing, and I am thankful for each day I am given and the lessons I learn from each. 

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