Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 24-Make a playlist to someone, and explain why you chose all the songs. (Just post the titles and artists and letter)

Day 24-Make a playlist to someone, and explain why you chose all the songs. (Just post the titles and artists and letter)


Ice Ice Baby-Vanilla Ice
Indian Outlaw-Tim McGraw
Kryptonite-The Better Life
Drops Of Jupiter-Train
This Cowboy's Hat-Chris LeDoux
Good Morning Beautiful-Brad Paisley 
Crazy-Lee Brice
The Breath You Take-George Strait
Regulate-Warren G
Live Like You Were Dyin-Tim McGraw
Cowboys and Angels-Garth Brooks
Fishin in the Dark-Garth Brooks
Proud of the House We Built-Brook and Dunn
Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue-Toby Keith
American Soldier-Toby Keith
God Bless The U.S.A.-Lee Greenwood
He Get's That From Me-Reba McEntire

Hey Babe,
Ok, you know there are probably 100+ more songs I could add to this, but these stood out either because they are prominent songs for our relationship, our family or because they remind me of you.  I'm sure you can guess most of them just by looking, but I'll tell you why anyway.  Amazed is clear, it's our song.  It's the first song we ever danced to and the first song we ever kissed to.  It also says exactly how I feel about you.  You found a tape, yes we are going waaaay back here to cassette tapes, of Vanilla Ice in my car and you have played Ice Ice Baby ever since to the point that our 6 year old knows the words by heart and asks to listen to it.  We must be the only people in the world with Ice Ice Baby on our Ipods!!  Ahhh, Indian Outlaw.  When I was so in love and gullible I believed everything you said.  Including when you grinned from ear to ear and said that a Chikiwawa was a little white girl with blond hair and blue eyes.  Now I will always be your Chikiwawa.  When I here Kryptonite I always think of you because you will always be my Superman, you always have been, and no Kryptonite can keep you down.  Drops Of Jupiter and Hopeless by Train were songs we could listen to over and over on our longest car rides.  I still love those songs and I think I always will.  They bring back such great memories.  There are a lot of Chris Ledoux songs, but This Cowboy's Hat not only reminds me of you, I can always picture you singing it and I love the sound of your voice when you do.  It's not that often that you sing along, you usually just watch me (and laugh).  Good Morning Beautiful by Brad Paisley is a song that will always remind me of you.  Even from 900+ miles away you manage to still wake me up with the same words almost every morning.  You not only say it but you mean it, and you have taught our son the same.  He tells me on a daily basis how beautiful I am, even when I think I'm not.  It's an amazing feeling to know that the most important men in my life truly believe I am beautiful no matter what.  Crazy by Lee Brice, I sent the lyrics from this song to you while you were in basic because I want to live this song.  I want to be your best friend, tell the truth, overuse I love you and love like crazy!  The Breath You Take is a George Strait song that talks about a dad and his son and how the dad is always putting his son above all else.  I can't think of a song that describes you better as a father.  Regulate by Warren G, of all my ode to the 90's on my Ipod, this is the one song you love.  As much as you love to laugh at my 90's music you can never resist Warren G! Live Like You Were Dyin, I will always remember dancing in a HUGE circle at your brothers wedding to this song and everyone singing at the top of our lungs.  That's when this song took on a whole new meaning for me.  The meaning I think it was meant to have, but non the less, it will always have great meaning and great memories of you and your family for me.  Cowboys and Angels always makes me think of you because you will always be my cowboy.  Rockstar because you laugh when I jam out and sing at the top of my lungs with the I love you fingers instead of the devil horns because I can never seem to place my fingers in the right spots.  Fishin in the Dark, this one is for Gunnar, because not only is it his favorite song, but he makes us listen to it over and over, and he plays it for us on his guitar!  How many 6 year olds do that?!  Funhouse by Pink, another one for Gunnar, because he love to play it over and over and I will never forget when we realized he was singing the whole song word for word....including the end!  The Brooks and Dunn song, Proud of the House We Built because it's not just about the house we have but the family we've built to put in it, and I am so proud to be your wife.  Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue and American Soldier by Toby Keith and God bless the USA by Lee Greenwood took on a whole new meaning to me when you joined the Army.  I am amazed at the soldier you have become and I am so proud to have you as my husband fighting for our family and our country.  I love you more every day.  He Get's That From Me by Reba McEntire

I love you truly madly deeply

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