Thursday, August 2, 2012

Congratulations SPC Curtis Osborne!

Congratulations SPC Curtis Osborne!  Yesterday on 1 AUG 12 my husband pinned Specialist, and I had the honor of being the one to pin him.  It was such an amazing feeling to listen to the glowing words spoken by Curt's 1st SSG and his Commander, it took nearly everything I had to keep my composure and not cry as I often do.  I'm quite certain I was more nervous than he was, especially since Curt knows these people even though he has only worked with them for a few months.  I'm guessing you get to know people a lot more quickly during a deployment.  I don't think I would have been nearly as nervous if he was still with his prior unit, simply because I know the majority of them personally, and the few I don't I still see and talk to during the monthly FRG meetings I still hold.

Although Curt isn't one to hide his pride in his abilities, he can be rather humble at times.  This promotion happened to be one of those times.  He received a waiver to become promotable in June, but due to leave dates and everyone just getting home from deployment his pinning was held yesterday.  The waiver was required because without it he would not be eligible to make SPC until his 2 year mark in the Army.  In Curt's mind either was this promotion was a "given" regardless of the fact that he earned the waiver to get it early.  He is more than proud, but he is all the more focused on getting his stripes because he knows those he has to push harder for.

My husband is a truly where he is meant to be and I have never seen him excel to this extreme before.  Curt is good at everything he does, but to be good and enjoy what you do brings a whole new meaning to life.  I believe with all my heart this is where we belong, as a family and as individuals.  We have never been happier, stronger or more in love with each other. 

Congrats Honey, you deserve it and you earned it!! I love you truly, madly, deeply! XOXO

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